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Our founders started a decade back with the objective of adding fairness to the fundraising process for early creators, entrepreneurs and the like - we tried to reflect that ethos in our name. Ever since, our intention in everything we do has been to bring access and joy to the world - make this universe a little more “fair,” if you will.

As part of this journey that our Bharat is taking right now to uplift the millions into prosperity, we thought that our contribution could be to bring Bharat on to the world map - starting with the world of Motorcycle Racing. India is home to the largest number of motorcycle riders in the world. While there are increasingly more cars on the road today, motorcycles and scooters have provided transportation to our parents’ and grand parents’ generation.

What We Do?

Fairstreet Sports is a Sports Promotion and Management Company. Fairstreet aims to realise the dreams of aspiring young Indians by bringing various World Championships like the MotoGP to India. We want India to experience excellence in motorsports. Fairstreet will introduce India to this spectacular and competitive sport and to enjoy the excitement and thrill from the trackside as well as from the comfort of home.

We hope to open gateways to increased tourism along with welcoming new and high-tech industry, positive impact on aviation, hospitality and automotive sectors, along with generating employment for more than 50,000 Indian citizens and opening up more than 5,000 job opportunities during the events.

Why India

A game changer for India after the pandemic – Motor Sports, Tourism & Hospitality. Positive international recognition and promotion of India as a destination across 200 countries. The region can expect to generate income of around $100M through hospitality, F&B, and tourism over the month. Skill development around the racing academy and race technical training center. Potential for manufacturing and export of Made in India racing bikes. Huge Job Opportunities in the country.

Economic Impact

During 2019, The FIM MotoGP™ World Championship gathered a total of 2.8 million spectators across the 19 GPs of action composing the season.

This massive mobilization has a clear direct impact on the host region which is easily measurable when looking deeper into the average expenditure of the spectators.

Considering all these variables, this study has found an average spending per spectators of 569€, with clear differences between the national (77.5%) and the international public (22.5%).

Employment Generation

During the 19 Grand Prix composing the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship 2019 a total of 52,277* people have worked or volunteered.

In the development of each Grand Prix 4,932 jobs are required during the Race week. On the top of this, all partners, suppliers and manufacturers destinate larger human resources to develop cutting edge technology that guarantees the constant improvement of the quality, excitement and competitivity of the Championship.

Tourism Impact


Tourism accounts for all those who come to the territory for the competition and that would otherwise not come. Represents revenue on transport, accommodation, food and leisure activities.

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